An Open Letter to the City Council:

We are residents of Takoma Park and patrons of the Takoma Junction businesses.

We are writing to ensure that you hear from voters who want to create a thriving, sustainable Takoma Junction.  Our elected council started an open request for proposals (RFP) process, which resulted in four viable proposals.  These potential developers have presented their design concepts to the Council and attended community open forums to gather community feedback.  The concepts presented are promising, will be refined with community input, and we urge the Council to see this process through to completion.

* We need to embrace the right amount of change in the building that is eventually constructed at the Junction. That means respecting the historic nature of our community while also being open to innovative designs that integrate well with the surroundings.

* Developing Takoma Junction is in line with Takoma Park’s emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship.  In addition to creating new community amenities, it  will open opportunities to improve walkability for pedestrians, safe access for bicyclists, and car friendliness in the junction.  A traffic and parking study should be part of the development process.

* Like many Takoma Parkers, we hope the Co-op can continue to improve and thrive, including during construction.  All four of the proposals already under consideration include a vision with the Co-op as an anchor tenant.  With a revitalized junction full of new retail and residential space, community uses, and more shoppers, the Co-op will be able to maximize its impact and contributions to the community.

* We need development that adapts Takoma Junction to emerging needs while respecting history. Multiple firms are willing to spend what appear to be sums in the double-digit millions to turn a parking lot into a great community asset.  After studying Takoma Junction for decades, our elected council started an open RFP process, and it should stick with that process. It won’t get any easier if we wait.

Please do not let this opportunity slip away.

Please sign this letter and let the Council hear your support!  It’s vital that the Council hears your support.



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